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Paranormal investigation is not a true science. We are unable to "control" certain aspects of our investigations and then observe how these changes in technique alter the results. We can however measure our results against scientifically measured benchmarks, which in turn allows us to perform true experiments by using the benchmark as the control factor, and keeping all other experimental factors the same.

Infrared Photography Experiment - In this experiment, we use film sensitive to infrared light in an attempt to capture anomalous forms that are not visible to the naked eye.

Time Exposure Experiment - Many anomalous images that appear on photographs and video footage seem to be in motion. We use time exposure photography in an attempt to capture these anomalous forms, and to possibly learn where they appear from, what paths they take in motion, and how they disperse.

Visible Red Light Photography Experiment - This method of photography, using #25 red lens and flash filters in conjunction with black and white film is now one of our standard methods of investigative photography. It is used to enhance the contrast of images captured on film.

Time Lapse Experiment - This experiment incorporates time lapse photography in an attempt to highlight inconsistencies indicating possible paranormal phenomenon occurring in a series of frames over a period of time.

Moon Cycle Experiment - Archive moon charts for September 1998 through February 1999 here are still posted here, however this is not currently an active experiment. Look for more data at some point in the future.



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