Haunted Chicago

Time Lapse Experiment

Experiment Kickoff: 5/21/1999

Status: Ongoing

We have several goals in using this method of photography:

1) To rule out human interference in resulting anomalous photographic results due to locality to the camera

2) To provide a series of time lapse photographs at a single location that can be scrutinized for anomalous inconsistencies

This page is broken down into the following sections:

Facts About Time Lapse Photography - More information to follow shortly.

Time Exposure Experiment Results - Up to date results from our use of time lapse photography through the course of our investigations.

Examples of Time Exposure Photography - Examples of time exposure photography. No anomalous images.

Key Points When Working With Time Lapse Photography - More information to follow shortly.

Facts About Time Lapse Photography

Look for facts about our time lapse experiment here shortly, including our rationale for using time lapse photography in our investigations.

Time Lapse Photography Experiment Results

We have used time lapse photography on the following occasions during the course of our investigations. They are as follows:

Examples of Time Lapse Photography

No examples available yet

Key Points When Working With Time Lapse Photography



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