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Moon Charts

One of our experiments was to track data on moon and tide cycles and compare these with the results from investigations. There did not appear to be a strong correlation between the occurrence of the type of paranormal activity that we normally capture and the cycle of the moon. The charts that were previously on this page were outdated and eventually deleted. Due to some correlation that we have recently noticed with the new moon, we may continue on this experiment at some point in the future.

Using the Moon

The moon, curiously, affects our lives in many ways. Police statistics show that the rate of crimes committed increases near the times of the full and new moon. Cat owners will attest to their felines' unusual behavior during these phases of the moon cycle as well. The correlation between such psychological effects on living creatures and the phases of the moon may or may not have been investigated or even understood. While it is beyond the scope of this website to discuss such issues, it is a fact that the moon does act on the earth in a scientifically proven way, causing the ebb and flow of tides in large bodies of water. It has been suggested that the gravitational effect of the moon travelling through it's cycle around the earth may also be responsible for increases in electro-magnetic energy on the earth. This is the type of energy that is believed to be at the root of paranormal activity.

The following chart tracks the lunar cycle, the cycle of tides, and a subjective measure called "forecast" during the months of September 1998 through February 1999. As data is compiled, this chart will be updated to include information about our positive versus negative results on investigations. It is possible that these results will show a positive correllation between one or more of the scientific benchmarks shown and the rate at which we are able to capture evidence of paranormal phenomenon on our investigations. Charts by inidvidual month are available below.

Charts by Month

It may be difficult to read the legend on these charts on some browsers. The Bottom line on the chart, which is always below 2, represents the cycle of the tides. This is useful to refer to due to the fact that it represents the moon's gravitational pull on the earth. The light colored line on the chart that cycles between 0 and 10 represents the moons cycle, 0 representing a new moon and 10 representing a full moon. The darker line that follows no particular pattern on the chart is a subjective rating called forecast. This measurement is actually taken from a fishing website, and is a prediction of fish feeding cycles. While this rating may have little or nothing to do with paranormal activity, I have chosen to leave it in as an additional benchmark to compare results with. It is not clear how scientific the method of formulating this forecast rating is, and I am awaiting a response from the website that publishes this data to determine how the number is calculated. Once this information arrives, I will post it here, and will also make a determination as the whether this number os actually a useful benchmark.

October Notes: While I don't have any hard numbers compiled from October, I can say for a fact that the only remarkable paranormal results that I obtained, out of at least 6 investigations and well over 150 pictures, were on a roll of film taken between 11:30 on Tuesday the 20th and 12:15 am on Wednesday the 21st. I'm not sure of the exact moment of the new moon on that day, but the subjective forecast number seems to correlate with these results. On the investigation of the 20th/21st, I took approximately 15 - 20 pictures, and obtained anomalous images on at least 6 of those pictures. You can see these pictures on my photo page. I will post specifics for all of these generalities once I compile the data.



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