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Paranormal Links

Baltimore Ghosts - Ken Rathburn's site dedicated to scientific investigations, primarily of the Patapsco Female Institute, although there are some good stories about other famous hauntings.

BarCon Video Productions - Producers of "An Unknown Encounter" - perhaps the most amazing paranormal documentary ever - see review

Bloody Mary's Tours - A friend from New Orleans specializing in private midnight cemetery tours

Borley Rectory - Detailed site dedicated to the most haunted house in England

George and Pete's Ghost Research and Paranormal Investigation Web Page - A great site which sadly doesn't seem to be working anymore. This site actually provided much of the original inspiration for hauntedchicago.com.

Haunted-Places.com - A wealth of information on paranormal activity, including investigations and support services beyond Chicagoland.

Heathen's Haven - Collection of editorial and photos from paranormal investigations, and links to other paranormal sites

Invisible Ink - Online bookstore specializing in books about ghosts

Obiwan's UFO-free Paranormal Page - One of the best all around ghost sites on the Net

PARAseek.com - The paranormal search engine

Philadelphia Ghost Hunters Alliance - An excellent resource for information on paranormal phenomenon

** SETI@Home - Site dedicated to finding extra-terrestrial communications through massive distributed computing -- you can help by downloading their screensaver and processing information when you're not using your PC.

The Shadowlands - Great all-inclusive site including photos, video and more

Society for Scientific Exploration - Lots of truly scientific paranormal research, limited information on existence of hauntings and spirits

Something Wicked - Brandy and Liz's very cool page with lots of good Chicago stuff too.

SPIRIT - Society for Paranormal Investigation, Research, and Informational Training

Spooks - Paranormal Research Society of North Texas

Suite101.com - The paranormal section is an excellent resource for links and ratings of some of the best paranormal sites

Zerotime - One million paranormal links

Equipment Links

Alpha Labs - Makers of the TriField Meter and other test equipment

Minolta - Manufacturer of photographic and other imaging equipment

Raytek - Makers of the Raynger portable noncontact thermometer


MightyJoeMusic.com - Memorial site, dedicated to Joe Beatty, a.k.a. Mighty Joe

Perpetual Stress - Information on Borderline Personality Disorder

LaSalle Automotive - Automotive Stainless Trim Restoration

Excuseman - A little write-up about a slimy Chicago lawyer

Search Engines

[Alta Vista] - [Magellan] - [Excite] - [Planetsearch]



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