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As a service to our visitors, we have chosen to include here a list of what we feel are some of the finest books and videos relating to the study of hauntings and the paranormal. Our preference is for documentary, historical, and research oriented work conducted in a professional manner. If it's on this list, it's the best of the best and well worth your attention.

"An Unknown Encounter" - BarCon Video Productions, 1997

This video, produced and directed by Barry Conrad, documents what is probably one of the most amazing and frightening hauntings ever captured on film. There are many videos on ghosts and hauntings available, but none contain scenes as graphic or facts as convincing as those in "An Unknown Encounter". This video, which was filmed in 1989, presents visual evidence of the paranormal that most investigators will never encounter firsthand. It will definitely make you think.

Chosen for: Factual content and good presentation, a frightening true story - nicely caught on film.

BarCon Video Productions



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