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The following is a list of equipment that we normally use on investigations of paranormal activity. There is almost no way to determine what piece of equipment will detect unusual activity during an investigation, or when such activity will actually occur. As such, most investigations involve more trial and error than anything else. What this means is that while we are sometimes lucky in being able to pick up on this activity with our equipment, we are probably inadvertently overlooking most of the activity that is actually going on around us.

Until a machine called "ghost detector" is invented, we are limited to using tools that were invented for other purposes. Every one of these tools can be purposely or accidentally tricked into giving false positive indications of paranormal activity. Therefore, the overriding rule on every investigation and with every tool must be to eliminate any possibility of of natural cause, and only then, begin to entertain the idea that something unexplainable may have been detected.

Orbs, which are a common type of anomalous image, resemble semi-transparent globes that seem to float in the air or appear on the ground. There does not seem to be a natural explaination for these orbs. They can be captured at any time of the day or night, and can range from semi-transparent to fully opaqe, bluish or greeish to white in color, and can be fully or partially spherical in shape. They rarely appear to be flat, almost always displaying characteristics of being three-dimensional. Water droplets on the lens of a camera can mimic the appearance of orbs, as can some occurences of "lens flare", which is when bright light or reflections are captured and projected onto the lens of the camera, and appear on the picture as an object. A vague concentric line caused by surface tension appears around the outer edge of water droplets and is easiest way to discount these.

"Mist" as it is called is another common type of anomalous image. It is more difficult to differentiate from naturally caused phenomenon, usually condensation, caused by exhaling too close to the camera during certain atmospheric conditions.

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