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This page presents findings from our research of paranormal activity, including possible explanations for the ability to capture paranormal phenomenon on test equipment. We will also post any scientific or geographic information that might be useful.


The Facts Behind Paranormal Phenomenon

If paranormal phenomenon really does exist, then by its nature it is merely an indication of something much larger. But what? It is an interesting topic that is controversial to say the least, and the mere existence of paranormal phenomenon is highly debated. But what exactly is paranormal phenomenon? Some say it does not exist, that it is an outgrowth of overactive imaginations and mass hysteria. According to this argument, any evidence captured of paranormal phenomenon is in fact caused by improper technique, unpredictable environmental conditions, or faulty equipment. On the other end of the spectrum are those who implicitly believe that paranormal phenomenon is caused by "ghosts" - those on the other side of the grave reaching out, back into the world of the living. According to these believers, the manifestation of such phenomenon - be it in the form of unusual photographs, sounds, lights, feelings, visions, or whatever - is proof positive of the existence of lost souls, roving in a world just beyond our own.

In continuing to pursue our goal of discovering the truth behind paranormal phenomenon, we feel compelled to share with you not only the facts and evidence that we are able to gather through the course of our investigations, but also to discuss the state of our philosophy with regard to the argument "what is the paranormal". We feel it equally important to this end to also discuss the legends and myths that have somehow worked their way into the mainstream of paranormal investigation, and how these can affect investigational objectivity.

Please check back soon for updates to our current position on the question "what is the paranormal".

The Appearance on Electronic Video Capture Devices of Anomalous Images That Are Normally Not Visible to Humans

The theory is that anomalies that show up on videos and even possibly on film are composed of some sort of energy that is not visible to the human eye. It is possible that at least a part of this energy falls into the infrared spectrum of light, just beyond visible light. As such, a ball of infrared light energy could travel directly in front of your face and you would never see it. Modern video cameras however can see things that are beyond the spectrum of light that is visible to humans. Many video cameras utilize CCD elements that are sensitive to infrared radiation. One way to test this is by using an infrared remote control device from a television or other houshold appliance. Look at the infrared element on the remote control (at the end normally pointed towards the TV) while pushing down any button. You should not see any light being emitted by the element. Now, pointing the remote control towards the lens of the camera and pushing any button, look through the viewfinder of the camera. The odds are good that you will see a bright white light being emitted from the infrared element of the remote. Again, this is because the component within the camera which picks up the image and then sends it to be recorded on tape is sensitive to infrared light. This will work on most video cameras, but may not work on others. Some older video cameras do not use CCD elements at all, and some newer cameras have very good infrared filtering capabilities. If it is true that anomalous images are composed in part of infrared light or emit infrared radiation, this would explain why such images can be captured by video cameras without being seen by humans. (Technical information on CCD element charateristics courtesy of Tomi Engdahl, E-mail: Tomi.Engdahl@hut.fi URL: http://www.hut.fi/~then/)

Technical Description of Twilight

Twilight is the period of time during the transition from day to night or night to day when the sky is not yet completely dark, but the Sun has not yet completely set or risen. It is technically defined as the period beginning or ending when the center of the refracted Sun is lower than a given elevation. Civil Twilight corresponds to the Sun being 6 degrees below the horizon, Nautical Twilight to 12 degrees, and Astronomical Twilight to 18 degrees.

Civil Map of Northeastern Illinois Counties, Townships, and Ranges

The following map lays out the counties, townships, and ranges of Northeastern Illinois, in reference to the Centralia Base Line and the 3rd Principle Meridian. Each square on the map represents a township, which consists of 36 individual square mile sections, each section covering 640 acres. This map is used to research the exact locations of areas for which only the survey coordinates are known.

Illinois Survey Map



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