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The stories section is undergoing a transformation. We view the contributions of potential haunted locations by our visitors not only as interesting stories, but also as sites of possible future investigations. As such, in addition to sharing information on these sites for the interest of our visitors, we will be using this section to present information on our future plans. If you have any type of story or account of the paranormal that is local to the Chicago area and is of your own experience or from a reliable source, please contact us and include details, such as type of activity, witnesses, background, and exact location. Thanks to all who have contributed to this page.

Recently Submitted Stories

These are actual accounts of possible hauntings from visitors to our site. (**denotes sites that have been investigated by H.C.P.R.I.)

Haunted Trail - Source withheld - January 30, 2000: The activities reported there are located in the trail areas, specifically one denoted (name withheld), and one that is quite near it. The main reports have been of a presence in the trees on the edge of the trails that follows you, and the more you frequent the area, the more violent the presence becomes. What were thought to be 2 red orbs have also been spotted. The presence does not leave the trail area, and is usually present from 2am - dawn. It’s usually described as being a dark cloudy mass, and a definite change in temperature can be felt. I have been too frightened of finding these reports to be true to investigate for myself. But there are many accounts of these occurrences.

Haunted Factory - Source withheld - January 28, 2000: Several stories have been told about supernatural occurences at the factory. No one knows for sure why it was closed, but supposedly the paranormal activity had something to do with it. Back in the mid- to late- eighties, Satanic cults used it as a gathering place for sacrifices, etc. Supposedly a video was made of the inside. In one of the rooms a mural of a doorway was painted on the wall. The mural did not appear to be painted by a tagger but a professional. It had a rustic antique quality to it as if someone spent months working on it. Either below or above the door an inscription to something like "Those who choose to pass through this door shall never return to this world." That was the basic meaning. The video contained the altar and other satanic items. A few days later they went back to explore more and found the wall containing the "doorway" gone. The wall had no markings of paint on it but yet the wall was still dirty like all the other walls in the factory. If anyone would have cleaned the wall with water or any other solvents , it would have been noticeable especially during the day. The second strange thing noticed was a string of light bulbs in a square formation around the altar area were disfigured. All the light bulbs look as if they were heated to an extreme temperature a drawn in a single direction as if someone was sucking the glass. All the bulbs were "drawn" or disfigured toward the center just in front of the altar. I can talk to a friend of mine that knows the person who took the video. My friend said after the guy saw this he became very uneasy and did not want to go back there. "Weirded out," was the way he put it. He may still have the video tape. When I was there and walked up to the front gate, the second I held the gate to look inside I definitely felt a chill. I have only had a sixth sense feeling a couple times in my life, mostly in the military, but this one was different. In the military when I got it it was usually on manuevers and I could sense the danger but at the same time knew it was the opposing team. The time at the factory seemed different because the chill seemed to have force behind it and I had no idea what the danger could be. Definitely not a place to be in the dark or alone.

**House Haunting - Source withheld - Fox River Grove, IL - December 1999: Followup pending

**House Haunting - Source withheld - Mount Prospect, IL - September 1999: Followup pending

**House Haunting - Source witheld - Chicago, IL - January 1999: Followup pending

Archive Stories

These are actual accounts of possible hauntings from visitors to our site. (**denotes sites that have been investigated by H.C.P.R.I.)

**House Haunting - Source witheld - Lilly Lake, IL - December 1998: CLOSED

Haunted Stable - From Steve Flint, Laboratory Technician - Park Ridge, Illinois - November 6, 1998: It was around 1980 when this story took place. Steve was working late at night as a veterinary assistant at Arlington Park Race Track in Arlington Heights, Illinois. He was in one of the stables, which housed pregnant horses. His responsibilities consisted of assisting the veterinarian in the event that any of the horses were to give birth. The building that the event occured in was a long stable with doors on either end, and stalls along either side. As Steve stood by a stall, nearer to one end of the building, he heard the entrance door on the far end open, and then slam shut, as if someone had entered the building. There was no one there, however. While this seemed quite strange to Steve, he probably wouldn't have given it much more thought, except for one thing. The slamming of the door had caught the attention of most of the horses, and after the door slammed, Steve watched as the horses slowly turned their heads and eyes in unison in a straight line away from the far end of the building, as if watching some invisible being moving from the door that had just slammed toward the near end of the building. As their views finally reached the near end of the building, the door on the near end opened by itself and slammed shut, just as the first door had done only moments earlier. But no one entered. Steve walked over to the second door to check, but there was nobody in sight. This is the only event that Steve had ever experienced or heard of at Arlington Park. It wasn't until years later that it was discovered that the body of a murdered Barrington, Illinois youth had been buried in a shallow grave on the Arlington Park property, only a short distance away from where this event had occurred.



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