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Previous Headlines:

1/25/2000 - Photo and member updates

Photo updates from the 1999 season, including the addition of members Mark and Josh to the team.

5/2/99 - New experiments kick off for 1999

During our investigation of Mount Thabor Cemetery on May 2, 1999, we kicked off two new for 1999 experiments - the Time Exposure experiment, and the Stationary Mount Sequential Exposure experiment. Please see our Experiments page for additional information on these experiments, arriving shortly.

4/28/99 - First investigation of the season!

On Saturday, April 24 we held our first investigation of the '99 season at Bachelor's Grove Cemetery. Our investigation consisted mainly of photography, including 400 ASA color, Black and White, and infrared. We have already begun posting photo updates - check out the pictures section for limited initial results! More to follow shortly.

10/11/98 - Bachelor's Grove Warning!

Be aware that the Midlothian police and/or the Cook County Sheriff's police are using numerous new and disturbing techniques to prevent entry into Bachelor's Grove Cemetery after hours. Previously, police cars have parked by the gate to discourage entry. Now, it seems as if they may be patrolling the area by foot, or with unmarked cars. We were in the area last night at 2:00 am, and suspect a 1990 maroon Eagle Talon/Mitsubishi Eclipse of being somehow involved. Also, be very careful of parking in the vicinity of the forest preserve on residential streets. You will get ticketed and may have your license taken away.

10/21/98 - White Cemetery New Moon results

We obtained great results from White Cemetery in Cuba Township this past Tuesday, October 21st, the night of the new moon. Look for these to be posted soon in the pictures section.



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