Our Mission

Haunted Chicago presents evidence of inexplicable activity uncovered in our own investigations in the Chicagoland area, as well as the firsthand accounts of others. Our goal is to conduct investigations and present results in as consistently scientific a manner as possible, a method unlike that which you will find with most other paranormal research organizations on the Internet.

What You Must Know

These pages are the work of open minded people committed to the facts. We are open to the notion that some things are not explainable by current science. We investigate this "paranormal phenomenon" for our own personal interest, as well as to assist those in need, and document our findings where feasible in a scientific manner for others to examine. We do not pretend to understand or explain things that NO ONE understands. We have, however, experienced things which lead us to believe that there is more going on around us than that which is obvious and apparent in everyday life.

Some people refuse to believe in the existence of paranormal activity. Some people believe implicitly in the paranormal without personal experience. All we can do is relay to you what we are able to see, hear, and feel firsthand. We will provide proof when available, although we can not conduct experiments per se because of the inability to control the paranormal. We feel that it is our scientific approach and committment to the facts that makes this site worthy of your attention.

Mike - October 5, 1998



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