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The purpose of this page is to familiarize you with several Chicago sites that we have visited in past investigations. There are no unexplainable images on this page. All anomalous images on this site can be found on our pictures page. As we continue to obtain more information about these sites, we will continue to post updates.

Resurrection Cemetery - Justice, Illinois

Resurrection Gates - Showing where strange handprint impressions were discovered in the iron bars in the late 1970s.

Rosehill Cemetery - Chicago, Illinois

Frances Pearce - Statue commissioned by Mr. Pearce after the death of his wife and daughter.

Robinson Woods Burial Grounds - Chicago, Illinois

Cook County's Robinson Woods Forest Preserve is located near the intersection of East River Road and Lawrence Avenue on Chicago's Northwest side, near O'Hare Airport. The Robinson Family Burial Grounds, located in the woods on the Northwest corner of this intersection, are the final resting place of Chief Chee-Chee-Pin-Quay (a.k.a. Alexander Robinson), Chief of the Potowatomi, Ottawa, and Chippewa Indian Nations, and his family. Numerous accounts of unexplainable activity have been reported since at least the 1950s. Some of this phenomenon includes stranges sounds, moving lights and mist, and the scent of flowers suspended in one location. As for the sounds, people have reported hearing native american-type tom-tom drum sounds, and have also captured these sounds on tape. During such occurrences, there have been no actual drum sounds in the area. The scent of lilacs has been detected at a location almost directly over the Robinson tombstone, approximately seven feet in the air. This scent has been reported at all times of year, including in the dead of winter.

Robinson Stone - Located at the end of a short trail, just off of East River Road, near Lawrence Avenue.

Red Lion Pub - Chicago, Illinois

Located on Lincoln Avenue on the city's North side, the Red Lion is said to be host to some strange occurrences. Among other things, voices and screams have been heard, and women have reported being locked into the upstairs washroom and not being able to unlock the door. Some of the activity has been attributed to the stained glass window that is located on the stairway between the first and second floors. This window was installed by the current owner as a tribute to his grandfather, who was burried in an unmarked grave in Great Britain. Shortly after the window was installed, unusual reports began to surface. Visitors to the restaurant have reported feelings of dizziness or lightheadedness in the area of the window, and some have even described being pushed by some unknown force. At one time, several restaurant employees heard noises in the upstairs dining area, which had been closed down for the evening. Upon investigation, they discovered that chairs had been moved down off the tables where they had been placed during cleaning, and were scattered all about the room. Many employees have also reported being tapped on the shoulder by an unknown hand, only to discover that no one is behind them.

The Red Lion - Located on Lincoln Avenue in Chicago.

Stained Glass Window - This window is located on the landing of the main stairs of the Red Lion.

Third Floor - A view of the stairs leading to the third floor dining area, and the upstairs exit.

Saint James Sag Cemetery - Illinois

This cemetery is located just a block North of the intersection of Archer Avenue and Route 83. It marks the starting point of the infamous Archer Avenue run, which is home to other such famous landmarks as Resurrection Cemetery and the Willowbrook Ballroom, supposed hangout of Resurrection Mary. Saint James Sag Cemetery has also had it's share of reports of unusual activity. Perhaps the most famous was that of the monk-like figures that were spotted on the grounds after dark by a police officer. The figures were seen floating up a steep hill, which the officer struggled to climb himself. Upon further investigation, no intruders were discovered.

Gates - The front gates of Saint James Sag Cemetery, located just off Archer Avenue.

Saint John's Cemetery - Barrington Hills, Illinois

This was the site of a recent fact-finding investigation. Look for more information and photos soon.

Saint Valentine's Day Massacre site - Chicago, Illinois

This location, at 2122 North Clark Street in Chicago, is the site where the February 14, 1929 execution style murders of seven of Bugs Moran's men (actually six, plus one visitor) at the hands of 4 of Al Capone's thugs took place. Although the site is now just a small lot adjacent to a parking lot, in 1929 it was a cartage company garage, and was doubling as a then illicit liquor warehouse. Various paranormal occurrences are said to have taken place over the years here, including sounds of voices, and unusual lights and mist. HCPRI has conducted several small scale investigations of the site, and has captured instances of this unusual light and mist on film. We anticipate performing a more indepth investigation in the spring.

Valentines - Looking South, at the approximate location where the murders took place.

Spring Creek Cemetery - Barrington Hills, Illinois

This was the site of a recent fact-finding investigation. Look for more information and photos soon.

Michigan Avenue Water Tower - Chicago, Illinois

The Chicago Water Tower is one of the only structures to survive the great Chicago fire intact. It is also said to be haunted by the spirit of a man who committed suicide in it years ago. Passers by have reported seeing what looks like the body of a man, hanging in the tower, through one of the the windows.

Water Tower - Located near Michagan and Chicago Avenues.

White Cemetery - Cuba Township, Illinois

White Cemetery is located in Cuba Township, Illinois, not far from the far Northwest Chicago suburb of Barrington. It is located on Cuba Road, now infamous thanks to popular urban folklore and countless published books. The cemetery itself dates to at least the mid-19th century, with burials dating back before the Civil War. Reports from neighbors to the cemetery (not us, people who live there who have written to us) describe strange globes or balls of light that float about, sometimes within the gates of the cemetery, sometimes drifting beyond the gates, out over the adjoining road and fields. There have also been reports of phantom cars and a phantom house, both stories resembling those more frequently associated with Bachelor's Grove Cemetery. Apparently the house legend has some basis in fact, as there was at one time a house that was located near the cemetery. While this is a difficult site to thoroughly investigate due to it's close proximity to the road and the explicit warning signs adorning the gates, we have had some luck with smaller scale investigations pointing and shooting cameras over the front gates.

Sign - Located near the midpoint of the cemetery, facing Cuba Road.

Barrington Library - Visit this website for more information on White Cemetery, including its exact location.

Willowbrook Ballroom - Willow Springs, Illinois

This is one of the locations where Resurrection Mary is rumored to have frequented. We have no evidence to support this and have never received any reports of unusual activity at the Ballroom.

Willowbrook Ballroom - Located on Archer Avenue between Flavin Rd. and 95th Street

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